Thursday, 10 September 2009


Today, MiniDonna and I landed at a nice little place in the middle of the Canary Islands. Here's me with a palm tree:

Anyway, much to our surprise, MiniJack was staying there. He invited us to stay in his hotel room, forgetting, however, to inform us that there was only one bed.

The next day, he took us out to dinner, where we encountered a rather suspicious looking blue drink

After much investigation, we discovered that the blue drink was made from a combination of beetle skin and Weevil blood, being manufactured by Gorglesses from the planet Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab. Obviously, I saved the day by throwing the blue drink on them. Turns out it melts them. Who knew?

Anyway, apart from that, all that happened was MiniJack reading a book by a guy who looked a bit like him. But taller

All in a days work,