Monday, 6 October 2008

5th October 2008

We got lost today. It was Donna's fault.

Stepping out of the TARDIS, I said to Donna "Don't forget that map I handed you earlier" yet what does she do? You got it. She forgot the map. So on we go, looking for this Fountain of Youth that my other self that I met yesterday told me about, without the map he gave me.

After 40 minutes walking, I turned and asked for the map, and Donna rummages through her bag, and pulls out what she thought was the map. It wasn't. It was a voucher to purchase Tampax Compact from Tesco with £1 off. A voucher that I might have accidentally enlarged with my accidentally enlarged Sonic Screwdriver last week.


Anyway, we wandered and wandered, and it grew dark rather early, so Donna and I watched the beautiful North Western lights and all was forgiven


All in a days work


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