Monday, 6 October 2008

6th October 2008

We didn't do much today. Donna complained about being tired after all that walking yesterday, so I, being nice, like I am, took pity on her and decided to take her somewhere relaxing.

After a bumpy landing, the TARDIS materialised somewhat smoothly in a nice little cafe in Northern Jacowitz which serves the biggest Donuts known to man, or Time Lord, or Nyklus alike.


Donna loved those Donuts, but I couldn't help thinking that today would be a perfect day for a visit with an old friend of mine.

We had a nice brisk walk towards the palace and home of my beloved Queen Ariella, who greeted us with open arms and a plate of banana donuts (which is one of the reasons she is the bestest queen in the whole of the universe). We had high tea and scones and left feeling jolly with promises of return visits sometime in the near future.

All in a days work


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